Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wireless Internet Security: Secure Your WIFI Communications?

Your wifi communications are not as secure as you may think. Others can listen to your data, sometimes as easily as to a radio broadcast!

How do I know this?

In a school where I used to work as the IT/Network administrator, I had to set up a wireless network that would be shared between teachers and students. Knowing how clever the teenagers are, the administration was adamant to know just how secure their data would be, so I have been asked to do extensive research on this.
In a short time I was able to:

* Identify the computers and their owners that are logged on the network.
* See who is logging onto which email accounts.
* Log people's email login information.
* Log people's email messages.
* Target a specific computer and gather data about the pages they visit, including the content of the pages themselves.
* Log any FTP login and password.
* Display any of the data/passwords in an accessible time table, revealing in-depth information about who visited what and when.

A little disturbing, no? Fortunately, this was a project done purely for research, and none of the data was ever used for any purposes other than identifying ways how to improve our network security.


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