Monday, June 30, 2008

Tips For Outlook Expresss

The malicious use of JavaScript can pull a lot of information off a computer — specifically, browsing history and cookies. It can’t format your hard drive, but it can help someone steal information without your knowledge.

Because of Outlook Express’ integration with Internet Explorer, disabling JavaScript takes a little more effort. Follow these steps:

1. In Outlook Express, go to Tools | Options, and select the Security tab.
2. Enable the Restricted Sites Zone (More Secure) option.
3. Go to Start | Control Panel, and double-click the Internet Options applet.
4. On the Security tab, click the Custom Level button.
5. Under Scripting, select Disable under the Active Scripting heading.


Friday, June 27, 2008

What is Small Business Technical Support?

What is Small business computer support?

According to enwikipedia,

Small Business Computer Support embraces a comprehensive array of computer support functions pertaining to computer software, hardware, and communications. With the increasing scope of the Internet based services and the spread of high speed connections, it is now possible for small businesses to employ high qualified computer technicians to look after the maintenance of your business system resources, and to provide computer repair facilities 24x7.

Online tech support companies have professional computer engineers who remotely manage your systems and prevent the need to haul them to repair shops, thereby saving you time and money. Most small businesses have approved of such services as they can now their computers productive and effective at all times.

Small business computer support eliminates the need for sending personnel to customers’ offices to fix the issue. They provide support more quickly and efficiently than any in-house staff can with expertise being the sole reason. The complete procedure is done online using remote desktop connection. With your permission, the technicians remotely take hold of faulty computers, diagnose issues, and resolve them right away. Everything is being done before customer who enjoys the authority to control the actions taken on the computers.

Server Technical Support provides cost-effective, reliable technical support for contracted servers in computing facilities and departmental networks across campus. Staff manage all aspects of related information technology, including consulting and server administration. Student laboratory management contracts are also available and include agreements for hiring, training, and maintaining student labs using Labman.

Monday, June 2, 2008

iYogi - Technical Support Services

When your customers have a problem, the most important thing is getting it solved, quickly. Customers that are helped promptly and effectively remember that your company was there for them. And sometimes, that's the difference between the next sale going to you or the competition.

You want someone to answer your phone quickly and courteously. You want your Technical Support rep to be knowledgeable, and solve problems confidently and professionally. You don't want a "technician" on the phone whose only interest is in technical "stuff." You also don’t want your customer’s questions passed around because no one knows the answer! You want someone who cares about your customers, and who lets your customers know that you care about them. Your customers may be world-class engineers, teachers, architects, or college professors, but they are not experts in computers. That is where Hudson and its staff of professionals come in.

iYogi Technical Support the gap between your non-technical customers and the technical world. Our job is to help your customers resolve their problems quickly, professionally and with rave reviews for how well you helped them. When we do our job right, you get the credit and the peaceful sleep of knowing that you made the right choice.