Monday, April 13, 2009

Configure TS Session Broker using Route Robin

Terminal services session broker is responsible to route incoming TS connections between two or more servers, to the right terminal server. When the TS Session Broker receives an incoming connection, it checks first to see if that user has an existing session on a terminal server in the farm. If they do, then the connection goes to that terminal server. If they don’t, then the Session Broker will redirect to the terminal server with the lowest number of sessions.

If you are going to use Route Robin for load balancing you need to create two or more A records with same host name


A record terminal
A record terminal
A record terminal
A record terminal

So now if you try to connect to “terminal” you will be randomly redirected to one of the servers in the list.

To configure TS session broker:

  • Open Server Manager
  • Navigate to roles.
  • Press on “Add Roles”
  • Select Terminal Services from the list of roles and then Next to continue.
  • On the resulting information screen click Next to proceed to the Role Services screen where the TS Session Broker option needs to be selected

Add Terminal Servers to the TS Session Broker :Settings need to be applied on TS Session Broker server only

When TS broker roles is installed , you will notice new security group in “local Users and Groups” named “Session Directory Computers”

You need to add your Terminal Servers computer account to that group.

Joining Terminal Servers to a TS Session Broker: Settings need to be configured on Terminal Servers only

* Open Terminal Services Configuration tool :tsconfig.msc
* Under TS Session Broker click on Member of farm in TS Session Broker


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