Monday, July 28, 2008

New managed Ethernet I/O modules

Korenix UK has just launched a new range of DIN rail-mounted, managed Ethernet I/O modules for distributed monitoring and control

The new modules have a built-in OPC server and support Modbus/TCP protocol, which is commonly used in most industrial environments The Korenix Jet I/O 6500 Series is equipped with one RJ-45 Ethernet port and multiple analogue and digital I/O channels, as well as temperature measurement (thermocouple, RTD) connectors.

Users can therefore collect I/O data, configure rules for pre-defined alarms, automatically activate events (by SNMP trap) and change the status of devices through their Ethernet network.

The built-in OPC server and Windows-based management utilities mean that users can easily monitor and control I/O devices and integrate easily with SCADA/HMI software applications.

Modbus/TCP uses encoded binary data and the TCP/IP error detection mechanism to enable temperature and humidity measurement, then communicating the result between the connected devices.

Supported network protocols include IP, TCP, UDP, SNMP, HTTP, Telnet, BOOTP and DHCP.

Andy Cross, Business Development Manager at Korenix UK comments: "The 6500 Series boasts an unrivalled combination of industrial open standards technology and is therefore enables users to easily communicate with their existing industrial SCADA and HMI systems.

With all Korenix products, users also benefit from a clear cost advantage and technical excellence".

The Jet I/O 6500 Series incorporates a 16-bit, 100MHz, RISC-based processor, built-in watchdog timer and real time clock.

The modules have an aluminium housing and are protected to IP31.

Module dimensions are 120mm (H) x 55mm (W) x 75mm (D) and the units operate in temperatures from - 20C up to +70C.

For more information on the Korenix Jet I/O 6500, please contact Korenix UK.

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