Sunday, June 7, 2009

RecordTS - Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Security Camera

RecordTS records remote desktop session activity when users connect to a server, a workstation, a Terminal Server, or a Citrix Server. All activity is recorded including keystrokes, mouse movements, file downloads, etc

RecordTS can be a powerful tool in your security arsenal and provide a useful way to log backup or migration procedures for future reference.

Key Features:
  • Designed specifically for Windows Servers with Terminal Services or Remote Desktop enabled.
  • Records all Microsoft RDP or Citrix ICA traffic, VNC & VMware
  • Produces compact files for easy storage and playback.
  • Video files are digitally signed for security.
  • Capable of recording specific users and pre-defined times.
  • VCR/DVR playback features (stop, pause, play, fast forward, rewind).
  • Intelligent skipping of idle time within a recorded file.
  • Configuarble keyboard shortcuts for quick rewind/fast forward playback
  • Speed of playback can be adjusted dynamically.
  • All properties of a recording (user info, times, addresses, etc) are displayed in special window.
  • Export to AVI/SWF
  • Powerful programming interface
  • Automated storage of recording files
  • Automated databasing of recorded info for faster searches
  • Central management via a web console
  • Centralized licensing

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