Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Business Server - Truth or Myth?

There are many different articles about Small Business Server telling you what you can and cannot do with this product.

Some of us think SBS is not scalable, has a lot of restrictions and is meant only for really small businesses.

The truth is, you can do a lot with your Small Business Server and scalability options are quite impressive.

* SBS provides SharePoint Services - Truth. Your team members can communicate and collaborate with each other using this internal solution. It is easy to setup and manage.

* You cannot add additional Servers to SBS - Myth. You can add additional servers to your SBS domain with small limitations: there can be only one domain in your SBS network; there can be only one server running SBS; SBS server must be the root of AD forest.

* SBS provides ISA Services - Truth. With the premium version of SBS your network will get the firewall technology that will help you secure and protect your business.

* SBS requires different hardware than MS Windows Server 2003 - Myth. Windows Server 2003 technology is a foundation for SBS platform, therefore SBS can use any hardware that is approved for Windows Server 2003.

* SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition is included in SBS - Truth. This is a very powerful, integrated data management and reporting solution included with SBS premium edition. It will help your business run data-driven application with easy configuration and management.

* Most of the applications don’t run on Small Business Server - Myth. If your applications run on Windows Server 2003, chances are they will work on Windows SBS. Like I mentioned above, SBS platform is based on Windows Server 2003 and 99% of the time the performance will be exactly the same.


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